Website design company tourism

For tourism companies, travel agencies, airline booking companies, and for all workers in the tourism sector, a special offer for the design of a full website and special for travel and tourism companies, the site will be designed more wonderful and multilingual and has models for hotel reservations and many features that should be included in any website For a professional tourism company, the features and specifications of the site that will be designed for the tourism company can be summarized in the following points:

  • Attractive modern design suitable for tourism companies, so that the divisions of the site and colors perfectly suited to the tours and the atmosphere of tourism and entertainment.
  • Design a home page containing slider animation for travel and tourism offers, and excursions provided by the company ..
  • Internal pages module, you can add / edit / delete the content of these pages.
  • Contact Us - contains a contact form when you fill it in. The data is sent to an email address of your choice
  • Reservation page for tourism trips.
  • Pages display sections of the site of internal and external trips and religious, and view the details of each trip and photos and booking form.
  • Photo album of the tours offered by the company.
  • A video album for the touristic trips offered by the company.
  • Special pages about the tourist destinations offered by the company flights.
  • The design is compatible with all mobile devices, tablets, computers and laptops.
  • Create a professional Facebook page for the company, open a Twitter account, and the company's Instagram account.
  • Dashboard all site content.
  • Arabic and English.
  • Domain name .com, .net, .org
  • Hosting plan (25 GB + 150 email) - on US servers to ensure speed and efficiency
  • The design of the site within 25 working days from the day of receipt of the data for the entire site.
  • SSL certificate for site security.
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