Design application like hiraj

Haraj app is one of the best applications that provide buying and selling services for everyone
  It is an integrated market offering shopkeepers and agency products at competitive prices and members add their products for sale, making it one of the most powerful applications through which to buy and sell.

Design application like hiraj form viewmedia

After e-commerce flourished, shops, agencies and commercial activities of various kinds, such as pharmacies, restaurants, furniture fairs, real estate and furniture companies, are seeking to design an application or design an application such as Haraj that offers safe and competitive buying and selling services, multiple quality products and designs.

Characteristics of application design viewmedia

– Easy registration and confirmation of membership registration by SMS.

– Infinite number of sections and their classifications listed below.

– Add products, prices and photos quite easily.

– Add ads and offers easily.

– Easily publish products and promotions of products on social networking sites such as (tensioning – Facebook – Instagram).

– Ability to categorize ads by civic or neighborhood to appear only to target customers.

– A smart search engine that helps you reach the product you want easily.

– System of assessing members for shops and goods in a smart and easy way.

– An advanced alerts system that sends notifications of products and brands that customers like, which increases sales and keeps customers in constant contact with the application.

– An alerts system that displays notifications about receiving messages from members to purchase products.

– Linking the application to the website if any.

HARAJ Application Manager

The application manager controls all the interfaces and sections of the application and the powers of members and stores through the control panel enables him to make all the adjustments and settings easily and simple steps and these are the most important features of the control panel application Haraj:

– Manage the entire application settings and adjust the means of communication of email and mobile number.

– Control of users’ membership by modifying data or canceling membership completely.

– Control and review ads before allowing them to appear.

– Control the position and places of advertising banners.

– Control make featured ads and show to all users or not.

– Control comments and delete offending comments.

– A highly experienced technical team capable of providing innovative application programming solutions.

– We rely on the latest programs programming technology and design of mobile applications, which makes us offer you the design of the application of forestry innovative and free of programming errors.

– Reliable and reliable hosting protects app clients data from hacking.

– Upload the application on Google Play and App Store according to the search criteria that ensure the appearance of the application distinctly within the store.

– Affordable prices to suit all budgets.

– Continuous technical support and training on all application interfaces and control panel.