Ads on Facebook

Why create your ad on Facebook?

The great spread of Facebook

The most popular Facebook in Arab countries, nearly 156 million users in the Arab countries,
Egypt - more than 33 million users Saudi Arabia - more than 18 million users

Low cost advertising

Advertising on social networking sites, especially Facebook, is less expensive than advertising on the means of Telekidae you specify the category interested in your field of work there is no waste of funds as in the traditional advertising

Your ad reaches the specified category

You can decide who will see your ad in terms of (type - language - age - region - interests) to target your ad to people close to your business and interested in your business

Interact with customers closely

You can interact with your customers directly by responding to their comments and messages on your advertising and know their impressions of your products or services so that you can develop your product as requested by your customers

Individual ads

500 EGP

One ads

750 EGP

two ads

1000 EGP

three ads

Monthly Packages

The advertising package is chosen based on your activity and the target audience you want to reach

Packages suitable for small and startup companies


1500 EGP

three ads

3000 EGP


4000 EGP


Packages suitable for medium companies


6000 EGP


8000 EGP


10000 EGP


Packages suitable for large companies and commercial complexes


15000 EGP


20000 EGP


25000 EGP


Types of ads on Facebook

Interact with publications

The goal of the advertisement is to increase the interaction rate on a particular publication containing the service or product advertised so as to increase customer awareness of it

Increase followers of the page

The goal of the ad is to increase likes on the page and increase the number of followers to increase the reach of your brand and increase followers of your posts

Visits to your website

The goal of the advertisement is to bring traffic to your website by clicking on a link to the advertisement linking the client to your website

Application installations

The goal of the announcement is to increase the number of people who download and install your application on their smartphones and increase awareness of the application and explain how to use it

Video views

The goal of the ad is to bring views to your video, achieve high views, and increase popularity

Record customer data

The purpose of the announcement is to record the data of customers interested in the service or product advertised so that the customer registers his data and you communicate with him later

Frequently Asked Questions

If the design is ready and if the design is not available we will prepare the design and start advertising within 24 hours at most

Yes, you can request an unlimited number of ads

Yes after the end of the announcement we send you a report with the results of the ad in terms of the impression ratio and the number of interactors with him and the observations sent by followers and tips for the next ad campaign

You can pay for the services by visiting the company’s headquarters or making a bank transfer to one of our accounts or through a wire transfer or through Vodafone Cash or immediate service

Money will be returned to the customer within 3 working days in case of delay in the execution of his request or canceling the service

Why choose viewmedia ?

If you really want one of our services why you should choose our company

Professionalism in implementation

We have a creative team working to take care of all the details of the work so that the work is done in the best image


The most important advantages of our company are credibility and punctuality agreed with customers

Secure payment methods

Our payment methods are safe and varied and our refund policy is the fastest and most secure

Prices and exclusive offers

The cost of ordering our services is the most competitive and our exclusive offers are always renewed

Professional technical support

Our technical support team is ready to communicate with customers to solve any emergency problem and is characterized by professionalism and professionalism

After sales service

Our communication with our customers does not end once the service is delivered because there is constant communication between us to solve a problem or provide advice

We are happy with your inquiries and requests

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