addition facebook likes

Why do you need to increase the likes of your Facebook page?

No value without followers

If you have good content but you do not have followers to watch, there is no value for this content because no one will watch it, comment on it, or know something about it, so you need followers essentially.

Increase the confidence of customers and followers

Having a large number of followers increases the confidence of new visitors to your page and makes them more reassuring when dealing with your page or organization.

But what distinguishes ViewMedia from others in this service?

Followers are real and targeted

We do not work to add fake followers through servers or other illegal methods, but we make funded ads on your page in order to increase likes and target the country where your activity

Our prices are unbeatable

Our prices are suitable for everyone as we calculate the cost and add a simple profit margin so that customers continue to work with us and achieve them their requests with all love and sincerity without costing them exorbitant money

Recordings admire the will of followers

We don't force anyone to like your page or add followers without their knowledge.

The likes are completely safe on your page

The admiration registers that the page gets are very safe and are done through ads funded on Facebook and we design the appropriate ads in ways that are safe and suitable for the page

Likes bouquets

1000 Like

140 EGP

5000 Like

650 EGP

10000 Like

1200 EGP

Why choose viewmedia ?

If you really want one of our services why you should choose our company

Professionalism in implementation

We have a creative team working to take care of all the details of the work so that the work is done in the best image


The most important advantages of our company are credibility and punctuality agreed with customers

Secure payment methods

Our payment methods are safe and varied and our refund policy is the fastest and most secure

Exclusive prices and offers

The cost of ordering our services is the most competitive and our exclusive offers are always renewed

Professional technical support

Our technical support team is ready to communicate with customers to solve any emergency problem and is characterized by professionalism and professionalism

After sales service

Our communication with our customers does not end once the service is delivered because there is constant communication between us to solve a problem or provide advice

We are happy with your inquiries and requests

Payment methods